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Thoughtful. Christian. Content.

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Talking about the common issues that Christians face.

This website and all the content here are dedicated to touching on subjects that affect all Christians, at least in particular those in the United States. The writings here are created by Christopher Morris and those he curated for the desired goal of discussing our most pressing issues.

Most of what we as Christians deal with is internal rather than external. However, what Christians want to talk most about is external. Politics, the doctrine between us, competing traditions, and culture. All very important things but also very distracting things at the onset.

This being the case and knowing that most of our maturation stems from our own understanding and then living out Christian principles, be prepared to search your soul with this profoundly helpful website.

The Common Issues Christians Face

Finding, knowing, redeeming.

It seems to me that many Christians act like ex-college football rivals who just figured out they got drafted to the same pro team. Now, they have got some sorting to do with what they believe and how they think.

Areas of Content and Interest for Your Growth and Understanding

Personal Growth

Content within this section is focused on the deep and the practical side of your own adventure. We often are our own worst enemies and these articles will help you sort out what is going on within you with a Biblical lens.

Biblical Thinking

Articles posted in this category help us to understand Biblical texts and concepts that we think are important. These cover misconceptions but also just good insight that is worth mentioning.


This contains content that is focused on Christian culture but also the culture that surrounds us. It helps us frame where the dividing lines are and how to best engage the cultures around us for maximum effect.


We have the Letterbook which is where I post more prose type content. That is just sometimes how ideas come out. We also have the Whereabouts which details small or large aspects of life that are happening to me and my family.

Contact me to Share or Collaborate

While obviously, your friends with similar beliefs are comfortable to be around, there is a commission bigger than the heritage you represent; one that takes all of us to fulfill.

When we learn how to deal with our differences, we get to be more productive and effective.

I want to know what the big challenges Christians in your life are facing so we could explore these things in comprehensive, thoughtful, and winsome ways.

Message me today.

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The Uncommon Means of a Life Well-Lived

The Uncommon Means of a Life Well-Lived | Part 1

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There seems to be many patterns of thought or thinking that we hold on to that we don’t even know exist until someone calls them to our attention. Have you ever heard the idea of God’s Kingdom being the Upside-Down Kingdom?

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I have to start by saying that I chose an odd way of phrasing this value of mine. There are conversations in philosophy, psychology, and even patient care, that all use this word with their own meanings and etymology. When I am speaking of this value, I am trying to…

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