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Notes are a collection of quotes, ideas, and sources that I’m kicking around. I publish them so that I can easily come back and find them.


“The Law and The Gospel” is a poem by the Scottish Divine Ralph Erskine (1685-1752). The law supposing I have all, Does ever for perfection call;The...

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Why a Personal Blog?

This blog is an attempt to think about Christianity in a manner that provides a deeper meaning for us average folk.
Please join in the conversation. Share your thoughts. The more voices, the stronger our chances of learning something meaningful.

The ideas I kick around

Personal Growth

Content within this section is focused on the deep and the practical side of your own adventure. We often are our own worst enemies and these articles will help you sort out what is going on within you with a Biblical lens.

Biblical Thinking

Articles posted in this category help us to understand Biblical texts and concepts that we think are important. These cover misconceptions but also just good insight that is worth mentioning.


This contains content that is focused on Christian culture but also the culture that surrounds us. It helps us frame where the dividing lines are and how to best engage the cultures around us for maximum effect.


Notes are a brain dump of things I want to keep on top of. There’s also the Letterbook which is where I post some prose. We also have the Whereabouts, which details small or large aspects of life that are happening to me and my family.