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September 28, 2018 • The Whereabouts

A Completely Honest Question and How it can Add Perspective to Your Faith

I have really enjoyed the last few months. I am newly married and it seems that we are really in stride at this point. There are some things that could work a little smoother, but everything is actually awesome.

I was thinking about the relationship I have with my wife and I wondered if there were lessons that would transfer to my Devotion to God. Like, little things that I have noticed in general life that I can apply to my spiritual life. We are physical creatures (but not merely physical), so sometimes we learn best by seeing something play out in life before we really know how it works.

For me, this really struck a chord. My walking in faith has been well the last few months but I was looking for a broader perspective. I had a feeling that my scope of who God was and how I should relate to Him had been un-growing. Which is fine, but really I needed to make headway. Recapture some of that awe.

The Thought

The thought was this. It is simple but it helped me.

I love my wife and at this point, there are things that have been a part of me for a long time that don’t optimally serve her well. These parts of me are mostly good but they miss the mark.

I enjoy coming home to her and talking with her. I enjoy watching her get some rest. And dreaming about our future.

Then I get to thinking, I can change and make this life an even better experience for her. I have that potential. I just need to be willing to give up some of me so that I can more fully latch on to what she needs.

Yes, it is still simple, and it a is what so many people have said to me in different situations. But, I had a tangible moment with this thought and it came to life. I want to make changes in my life to better serve my wife.

It translates

Then I figured out the solution for my Spiritual stagnation. I need to treat my relationship with God more like the relationship with my wife (albeit, more important).

I am now thinking about ways that I can honor Father. How I can bless His name and be obedient. Just like I think about small gifts or weekend plans with my wife, I should be thinking about the equivalents that God deserves from me.

No, I won’t go out and purchase Him $20 worth of flowers, but I can give that to someone in need. I won’t skimp on sleep to make time for cooking a morning meal, but I can skimp on sleep for devotional time with Him.

This thought gave me a rejuvenating boost of life to my faith. I encourage everyone to animate your spiritual life. Be thinking about ways you can make things more real to yourself. Always do so prayerfully because God wants you to feel near to Him.

Hope this has blessed you.

What have you realized lately?

What are your thoughts?