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September 2, 2015 • Biblical Thinking

A Fountain Here and Near

Last updated on May 25th, 2016 at 01:24 am

I doubt any claims of maturity that come from my mouth. I’m just 23 and have so much longer to go before I can jockey for that attribute. So take this advice lightly, unless there is some resonance that seems right.

Different Glories

The young man within me revels at my strength. It’s the glory of the young (Proverbs 20:29) and by it the young are able to contribute. Those grayed, they can claim experience and maybe even wisdom, depending on the person. Their contributions are much different than the young man’s. He is able to shed light on situations from their onset whereas the young man pushes, labors, and forces until the solution is made.

Neither way is wrong, nor more or less morally acceptable. However, it would seem that if a young man was able to sit under a surplus of wisdom, he would be greatly helped. Helped in such a way that an old man couldn’t even dream possible if the roles were switched. Isn’t that the story and legend of the ‘Fountain of Youth’? Old men searching for the unreachable revitalization of their bodies to which the end would be more adventure, conquest, and experience. They would be able to have insight, and strength to carry them to new worlds, or at least that was the hope.

The Young’s Opportunity to Receive, The Old’s Opportunity to Give

No, the young man has much more available to him. Whereas the old man has no ‘Fountain of Youth’, the young man does have access to a ‘Fountain of Wisdom’. And if he’s graciously endowed with the foresight and the access to more such fountains, he would have many to choose to drink from.

Young men, seek out these founts. Old men, see that perhaps some of your best work in life may be letting those younger see their best work now. Don’t reach backward to past glory, but reach ahead toward new glory; shared with the strength of the young. Vision and Strength move together when young and old move together.

What are your thoughts?