Thoughtful Christianity


September 22, 2015 • Letterbook

a Thought on Evil

Everybody wants to be the one who fights the evils that are staring the world in it’s face. What you find much less of, is a person who wants to take on the evil lurking in the dark corners of places half hidden.

Nobody wants to face an unseen evil. There is no glory to be had; no praise in the streets when you return. And certainly no help in the case were you to need it.

No, the evils people want to fight are the lesser evils of this world. Symptoms, really, of the genuine evil. The symptoms are easily seen and publicized, and they’re the problems people choose to notice.

People fight them and win. (It’s an easy battle fighting straw-men.) These people even become famous, heroes. And what more do we see on the horizon? A similar problem; it’s cyclical. Round and round we fall but evermore into the same hole. Ignorant as ever.

Nobody ever wants to fight true evil. The devastating darkness. The hidden burden. Maybe call it our chosen facade.

Have you seen this to be true? There are bigger and more pressing things in this world, but so many of us are distracted with the ones that don’t matter?

Can you relate? Let me know what you think: