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Biblical Christianity is taking a hit by culture. Christians are becoming less knowledgable about their beliefs. The Church is being thoughtful on a few fronts, but not many. And those realities don’t sit right with me. You probably have the same concerns, so stay a while. I think you’ll like the ideas here; or at least thinking about the ideas here. If you don’t share my concerns, let me know. I’m eager to hear your side and story too.

About Christopher Morris

I see myself as an incomplex guy from Northern Colorado. Raised within close proximity of unashamed introverts, I learned early on what it meant to be a simple person. Simplicity often gives a person breathing room to think and to read.  Which means I thought a lot as my definition for reading is ‘thinking another’s thoughts’ and my definition of thinking, is well, thinking. So what is the result of all the thinking? Well, I gained a few opinions and things to say and I’d like to open up a bit of dialogue and discussion here.

Thanks for stopping by my digital real estate and I hope you enjoy your visits.

This site is paired well with a cup of coffee and a note pad; for when your mind wanders.


Full Bio for the Interested

Hey! I’m Christopher Morris and I am a proud native of Northern Colorado and now am an Associate Pastor at Real Life Community Church located in Richmond, Kentucky.

I have just a few hobbies, but they extend deep into who I am. I enjoy studying histories, theologies, and works on society and culture. I can be found playing the bass and acoustic guitar (sometimes piano) and, from time to time, sitting at a table with a good cup of coffee and book.

I try to stay rather athletic, but my interests with websites and digital design keep me planted in seat a little more than I like. I can still touch the rim though, so my little bit of work there still pays off. I enjoy the outdoors and am expanding my involvement in the great wide open. Currently, I hike a lot.

Current pursuits and goals:

– Obtaining Degree in Organizational Leadership and US History from Arizona State University.
– Learning how to lead people towards a life of Christian Maturity and love for God.
– Serving a church so that it may grow as a healthy congregation, reaching the city of Richmond, KY.
– Learning the art of public speaking.
– Finding a dog so I can use terms like ‘little buddy’ and not feel weird.

Writing on my personal blog is something that I enjoy. I like writing about Christianity, church culture, theology, and the hundreds of things that are bound to come up when you mention even one of these. I’m learning to be a writer that provokes thought and not strife.

And the all important question that everyone is sure to ask anyone new they meet: What kind of music do I like? Well, I love alternative rock, singer-songwriter, 90’s rock (grunge and otherwise), and of course early 2000’s Christian Rock. Examples being: John Mayer, Jack Johnson, RHCP (easing up on them), Switchfoot, Zac Brown, and the current 3 pillars of worship music– Hillsong, Elevation, and Citipointe. Check out my Spotify up top to see some mad playlists.

If you would like more information about Real Life Community church, be sure to follow these links: Real Life Community Church on Facebook and Real Life Community Church on the interwebs.

If you’d like to know more about Christopher Morris, just keep on reading the Blog. Hope it helps!

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