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So you’re here! Welcome, welcome. I am Christopher Morris and this is my blog.

Biblical Christianity is taking a hit by culture. Christians are becoming less knowledgeable about their beliefs. The Church is being thoughtful on a few fronts, but not on many. And these realities don’t sit right with me. You probably have the same concerns, so stay a while. I think you’ll like the ideas here, or at the very least, thinking about the ideas that are expressed here. If you don’t share my concerns, let me know. I’m eager to hear your side of the story too. Dialogue is a cup best served with two straws.


About Christopher Morris

Recently married to the woman of my dreams. Together we are learning what to do as Christians (specifically as a new family) that would be the most helpful to other Christians. She works for a Short Term Missions organization, and I was an Associate Pastor for 3 years; now finishing my degree in Organizational Leadership.

I see myself as an incomplex guy from Northern Colorado. Raised within close proximity of unashamed introverts, I learned early on what it meant to be a simple person. Simplicity often gives a person breathing room to think and to read.  Which means I thought a lot. (My definition of reading is ‘thinking another’s thoughts’ and my definition of thinking, is well, thinking so this makes sense.) So what is the result of all this thinking? Well, I gained a few opinions and things to say and I’d like to open up a bit of dialogue and discussion here.

Thanks for considering with me what it means to be a Thoughtful Christian.

This site is paired well with a cup of coffee and a note pad; for when your mind wanders.

Thoughtful Christianity tries to get people to think a little bit deeper about every part of their faithHow is your blog organized?

The blog is organized in a few general ways, mostly dealing with the Categories. Firstly, everything is written as an expression of trying to be a very thoughtful Christian.

The primary category on this blog is called “Biblical Thinking”. Remember when I said that general Christianity is taking a hit, but is only being thoughtful in a few domains? This is the area where I venture down different roads trying to better think about how Christians engage with Christian teaching. There is a lot of teaching out there. Some of it is plain awful. The rest, well, the rest is various degrees of truth, misapplied truth, and rambling. I try to make some coherent thoughts. And, as always, you are welcome to jump in and help me think better or more fully about the things I write about.

“The Letterbook” is the place I go and try to be poetic or thought-provoking in more of a prose sort of way. I try to hit on truth, but it might not be laid out like an argument or truly rational thought progression. It is an expression of truth that I hope is helpful in a different way.

Christopher Morris walking down a sunset laden square in Florida.

I am hardly ever this cool. Not even sure how it happened

“Thoughts on Personal Growth” is where I talk about being a better, more efficient person. If we have the perfect kind of theology but have poor characters and don’t act rightly on these things, it is better that we didn’t have the knowledge in the first place. This category kinda helps us look at ourselves a bit better and make calculated changes.

“The Whereabouts” are just different things going on in my life. Might not be too interesting, but at least you know I am a real human. Which makes reading a blog like this a bit more doable.

I may have different categories from time to time, like right now. I talk a little bit about Christian news in one of the categories. I don’t want the tiring job of describing things as they happen. This isn’t my job and I need time to think about such matters. So sometimes I will discuss current things, and honestly, this can be for the SEO.

The homepage is where all these different streams meet. It is in chronological order so you can possibly see the improvements I make over time and so you can notice what I am thinking about in a given period.


I love sitting down and finding the time to actually read. Take an hour or two and really find out something new.

Full Bio of Christopher Morris for the Interested

Hey! I’m Christopher Morris and I am a proud native of Northern Colorado and previously served as an Associate Pastor at Real Life Community Church located in Richmond, Kentucky.

I have a few hobbies, and they extend deep into who I am. One of those is that I enjoy studying histories, theologies, and works on society and culture. I have be found playing the bass and acoustic guitar (sometimes piano) and, from time to time, sitting at a table with a good cup of coffee and book.

I try to stay rather athletic, but my lack of a bike, studying for school or for general purposes, and a bit of my digital work keeps me planted in a seat a little more than I would like. But, I can still touch the rim though, so my little bit of athletic work still pays off! I enjoy the outdoors and am expanding my involvement in the great wide open. Currently, I hike a lot with my wife and am trying to figure out how to do the tiny house thing.

My wife (Kenz) and I (Christopher Morris) love getting out and exploring new trails. It is a big part of who we are and how we view the world.Current pursuits and goals:

– Obtaining Degree in Organizational Leadership and US History from Arizona State University (2019).
– Learning how to lead people towards a life of Christian Maturity and love for God.
– Finished serving a church as it grew into a healthy congregation, reaching the city of Richmond, KY.
– Learning the art of public speaking.
– Helping people through my blog (you’re here!) and places like Quora

Writing on my personal blog is something that I enjoy. I like writing about Christianity, church culture, theology, and the hundreds of things that are bound to come up when you mention even one of these. I’m learning to be a writer that provokes thought and not strife. Hence, the blog!

The most important factor about human existence

The all-important question that everyone is sure to ask anyone new they meet: What kind of music do you like? Well, I love alternative rock, singer-songwriter, 90’s rock (grunge and otherwise), and of course early 2000’s Christian Rock. Examples being: John Mayer, Jack Johnson, RHCP (easing up on them), Switchfoot, Zac Brown, and the current 3 pillars of worship music– Hillsong, Elevation, and Citipointe. Check out my Spotify up top in the social links to see some mad playlists.

If you’d like to know more about Christopher Morris, just keep on reading. Enjoy the Blog. Hope it helps!

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