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Christopher Morris’ Resume

Last updated on March 29th, 2019 at 12:40 am

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2010 High School Graduate from Frontier Charter Academy: Greeley, Colorado

2019 Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership with Minor in Philosophy from Arizona State University

Applicable Experience:

Starbucks Coffee Corporation – (970) 353-3545

4320 9th St Rd B101

Greeley, CO 80634

Shift Supervisor – December 2015 – August 2019

After moving to Kentucky to work at Real Life Community Church, I started a part time job at Starbucks. They had just begun offering the benefit of paying for a Bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University. I decided that this was an expedient opportunity to take. What I did not realize was that I would learn so many skills for my life. Whether or not this job is seen as favorable to a potential employer, I have received the dividends of this job and the training that I have gotten through my personal life. If I may, I will describe both the professional then the personal skills gained through this job.

I quickly realized that working at Starbucks was working with hundreds of finely tuned systems. There was a way to brew coffee, a way to clean the restrooms, a way to sell to people, and a way to genuinely communicate with individuals. I learned first hand what a well oiled machine looked like as a company from a systems side. Not only did I learn what it looked like, but I learned how to run it; as a shift supervisor I was the orchestra leader of what was happening in the store when I was there. From there, I learned leadership, inventory management, employee development and coaching, retail business philosophy, health standards, and a slew of other things.
Personally, I gained a great deal of confidence in working with people. I went from a shy introvert to a confident leader within the business. Every question and challenge that can face a floor manager, I have seen and properly dealt with. I learned communication skills that directly transferred into my public speaking and small group communications.

Real Life Community Church – (859) 623-4639

353 Glyndon Ave.

Richmond, KY 40475

Associate Pastor – November 2015 – November 2018

I spent three years at RLCC as an associate pastor. I had many roles throughout my time there but the main three were as youth pastor, marketing director (website and print media), and building maintenance director. I spoke often in Wednesday night adult services and youth services. But my main functions were internal and organizational. I provided a lot support for the 10+ ministries in the church and helped the organization run.

I served as an presentor to the church board on many occasions, I aided in staff and business meetings, helped launch ministries, maintained strong relationships among the congregants. This was the most formative role of my career thus far and can easily share much, much more. I left, in good standing, to go back to my hometown and get married there.

Freelance Writer and Website Creator – November 2012 – Present

I have managed my own website in addition to several others. Most successfully, I created and maintained the website Real Life Community Church ( in such a way that brought 10 people a month to visit the church (from 2015-2018). The groundwork of their web presence, of which I started, has been leveraged into starting a successful second service based on the growth and recognition that my web work has established for them. They are now managing their website.

Other projects have been with a private investigation firm in the Greeley area (3 websites for different business units), In Motion Ministries, and Freelance work through May Marketing based in Central Kentucky ( having been a part of a dozen projects with them.

EVCO LLC – (970) 658-3725

810 42nd Street Road

Evans, CO 80620

TSCM Technician – July 2017 – Present

There is a private investigation firm that has had massive amounts of growth which has led to them creating additional departments. One of those, the one I work in from time to time, is the Technical Surveillance Countermeasures arm of his frim.

As a technician, I analyze environments for surveillance interference through multiple means to ensure the safety and security of the client. I frequently operate multi-thousand dollar instruments as I probe physical, thermal, broadband, and circuitral ‘environments’. These clients range from private individuals in civil courts, psychological professionals aiding their own clients in mental health (helping their patients know what is real and what may be in their head), and corporations needing to ensure that their trade practices aren’t disclosed to outside individuals.

This is an on-call opportunity meaning that I only work when there is a client needing the service. This is not a full-time job.

City of Evans (Parks) – (970) 339-4081

1100 37th Street

Evans, CO 80620

Seasonal Laborer – May 2012 – July 2015

With dedication and attention, I was a part of a group who maintained Evans’ 13+ parks and recreation areas. The job environment constantly demanded attention to detail, problem solving, and self-motivation. I took an informal leadership role and excelled at my work in every way. By continuously making decisions, helping people with their tasks, and keeping the priorities of the city in mind, I got things done right. This job was foundational to my growth as a young adult.

First Assembly of God Church – (970) 352-2600

3000 West 16th Street

Greeley, CO 80634

Administrative Assistant – September 2012 – January 2013

Utilizing many of my interests and skills, I was able to become a unique fit in this office. My skills ranging from graphic and web design, copywriting for print and web, musical love and knowledge, and a unique method of problem solving enabled me to attribute much to the organization. This was a temporary position that I did in conjunction with my below mentioned internship.

First Assembly of God Church – (970) 352-2600

3000 West 16th Street

Greeley, CO 80634

Youth Pastoral Internship – January 2009 – August 2010 & May 2011 – August 2012

Provided assistance to the Youth Pastor, taught high school and junior high students in a variety of contexts, provided leadership within the youth group and the general congregation, and helped with the organization of special events and individual, weekly services. Demonstrated professional and relational interpersonal skills to fit the need of various interactions and situations.

The three ways I added value consistently were in: marketing and advertising, facilitating small group discussion and growth, and longevity/consistency within my roles. At the height of my involvement, we had 120 high school students passing through our doors weekly. I communicated with most of them with either a phone call, post card, text or email, and through their parents. I then lead many discussion groups and insured focus and growth. I showed longevity by doing this for a total 3 ½ years, from 30 to 70 hours a week with no pay.