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February 25, 2019 • Culture, Personal Growth

How to Build Friendships

Last updated on March 23rd, 2019 at 12:20 pm

A lesson in building friendships and community

Feel this for a moment. You throw a coat over your shoulders. Scramble to find your good pair of boots. Feel the coarse cotton of your go-to scarf flying around your neck. Then you open the front door to a brisk, sideways breeze. It’s 5 pm, but dark– and the chill of your frozen breath flies to your left with the snowflakes.

What causes this kind of situation? Aren’t winter nights for Netflix and soup? Don’t you have hot chocolate recipes to perfect? Or possible Christmas presents to wrap or shop for on Amazon?

Because it’s the cold part of Winter for myself and others here in Northern Colorado, I have been finding myself in this situation more than I did this time last year.

The reason? I’ve built community with friends. And we will delve into some things that I have done through discovering how to build friendships.

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February 6, 2019 • Culture, Personal Growth

Who I Learned From in 2018

2018 has wrapped up and it was a very good year. I got married, which is the greatest triumph for the year. Aside from that part of my life, intellectually, I also had a very good year.

It was probably the year that so many beliefs and concepts came alive and really transformed from mere knowledge to pure knowledge.

Jordan Peterson

I started the year off excited about married life and taking a break from ministry. Being as young as I am, ministry is sort of a weird world to try and be in. How much do I really have to offer?

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July 8, 2018 • Culture

How Christians Should Engage Culture – Part 1

Last updated on September 12th, 2018 at 03:48 pm

Christians engage culture by thoughtfully and carefully inserting themselves into contexts that aren’t usually Christian. They must be careful because not every part of any culture is healthy for Christian living. They must be thoughtful because there are a thousand nuances that can make you engaging with a certain group or make you a sore thumb with them.

How can Christians Engage Culture?

This begs the questions, how can a Christian Engage with Culture Thoughtfully? and, How can a Christian Engage with Culture Carefully?

I will separate these two questions for a bit more clarity. But I think it is important to think of them together. We want to be thoughtful in how we engage culture (and various subcultures; geographically and ideologically), otherwise, we will never truly connect with these people or benefit them with the Gospel. They will be annoyed that we are trying to sell our religion to them without knowing anything specific about them.

We must engage culture carefully because there is a real threat that Christians can absorb too much of the culture. Christians can be well-intentioned yet dumb when they approach others. They often change the way they think in order to draw lines closer to their target audience which just creates a pseudo-Christianity and an aggressive mix of a new Cultural Christianity (emergent church anyone?).

Being unthoughtful leaves you babbling at people who are walking away from you and being uncareful leaves you with a compromised Christianity.

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