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These are various thoughts about growing as a person. Realizing certain things in our lives are just junk and fixing them. No shame, unless you do nothing about it.


October 22, 2019 • Personal Growth

Christians Disappointed with Their Church Growing Up

A new narrative has emerged lately

I have recently started to think about the narrative of many mid-twenties Christians who say that they grew up in a church that was legalistic, anti-gospel, and boring beyond belief. Additionally, this is usually in juxtaposition to them talking about their current church or ministry that they sit under, saying that it is uniquely Biblical and useful. In trying to be helpful, I would like to say to most of these people that they are describing themselves more than these churches of their past.

I want to tease this out because I have some thoughts and perspectives that may prove useful in sorting out our pasts which, very honestly, must inform our futures. I am hopeful that there are more charitable and constructive ways to think about our past church experiences that bring about better perspectives going forward.

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February 25, 2019 • Culture, Personal Growth

How to Build Friendships

Last updated on March 23rd, 2019 at 12:20 pm

A lesson in building friendships and community

Feel this for a moment. You throw a coat over your shoulders. Scramble to find your good pair of boots. Feel the coarse cotton of your go-to scarf flying around your neck. Then you open the front door to a brisk, sideways breeze. It’s 5 pm, but dark– and the chill of your frozen breath flies to your left with the snowflakes.

What causes this kind of situation? Aren’t winter nights for Netflix and soup? Don’t you have hot chocolate recipes to perfect? Or possible Christmas presents to wrap or shop for on Amazon?

Because it’s the cold part of Winter for myself and others here in Northern Colorado, I have been finding myself in this situation more than I did this time last year.

The reason? I’ve built community with friends. And we will delve into some things that I have done through discovering how to build friendships.

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February 7, 2019 • Personal Growth

The Value of Continuity

Last updated on March 9th, 2019 at 03:04 am

I have to start by saying that I chose an odd way of phrasing this value of mine. There are conversations in philosophy, psychology, and even patient care, that all use this word with their own meanings and etymology.

When I am speaking of this value, I am trying to showcase the fact that some things ought to be taken care of in a special way. On my Personal Values page, I try to line up a few central articulations of my own personal signifcance, in the form of value statements. One of these, in my own words, is, “Continuity – If there is anything that you do that is good, pass it on to others so that they can run the torch further.”

On one level of thought, this value would be the value of persistence or preservation. But, me being who I am, I am fine with saying things in my weird way.

Continuity involves two very interconnected positions in my own summation. The first is that every person who is diligent in pursuing an effective life should be trying to do things of significance. And the second being, that if we are ourselves doing things of great importance, we should be diligent in trying to incorporate other people into the same effort.

Making a Life by Making a Difference

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February 6, 2019 • Culture, Personal Growth

Who I Learned From in 2018

2018 has wrapped up and it was a very good year. I got married, which is the greatest triumph for the year. Aside from that part of my life, intellectually, I also had a very good year.

It was probably the year that so many beliefs and concepts came alive and really transformed from mere knowledge to pure knowledge.

Jordan Peterson

I started the year off excited about married life and taking a break from ministry. Being as young as I am, ministry is sort of a weird world to try and be in. How much do I really have to offer?

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February 4, 2019 • Personal Growth

Broadcasting Yourself is Destroying Your Self Progress

Last updated on March 30th, 2019 at 11:04 am

I have noticed something over the last couple of years that I have never been able to quite put into words myself. Something that I have even done myself and seen with close friends. We tend to be over eager to broadcast ourselves.

It can be a heavy subject because I see these small hints that are really clues to things much bigger in our lives. Primarily, on social media, when people start to grab for attention; specifically when they talk about pain points in their life and new habits/goals/realizations they are having and striving for.

This is an elusive phenomena because it is so easily dismissed. But to be of a little help, I will try to explain. If this reveals insight to you, please think about it a bit. If not, carry on with you day. No biggie.

Multiple Motives Undermine the Nobler Ones

An Example from Myself – Laugh Away

Here’s an example of what I am talking about. Just a few years ago, I was going through some tough times (as tough as this privileged person can claim, at least). I was struggling with my personality, being an introvert and rather bookish. I hoped to build my friendships; romantic and otherwise.

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November 1, 2018 • Personal Growth

A Lesson in Love from a Night out Driving

Yesterday, my wife and I took a half day trip up to Estes Park, Colorado to enjoy some fresh snowfall and a day around the quaint mountain town. We had a nice meal with family and friends and enjoyed some of the communities’ festiveness with their celebration of Halloween. We had coffee, caramel apples, chili, and a handful of candy.

My First Caramel Apple! Free in Estes Park for Halloween

After the fun times, we had to start thinking about driving down the mountain canyon back to our home an hour away.

Usually, when I am driving up or down this area I become a little annoyed with how people drive. Estes Park is a very tourist-y place so people often go up to the town without knowing much of how to drive in the mountains. This can really annoy me, because well, I struggle with a self-righteous bent from time-to-time.

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September 25, 2018 • Personal Growth

How to do a Devotional Bible Study

Last updated on April 20th, 2019 at 07:41 am

The mature Christian’s faith is built on a foundation that is not complicated. This foundation just takes time and care. Bible Study, Memorization, Church Attendance, Prayer, Service; these are all pillars of our growing faith.

How do we, when we feel like we know so little, then get started with all of this? The Bible is a huge book. The church is thousands of years old. There is just so much to grab onto, read through, and learn.

Well, let’s start by taking our devotional life seriously as it will be the foundation for a hundred other habits. Let’s see what a devotional Bible Study is.

Devotion and Devotional Bible Study

So, what is devotion, first of all?

Devotion is loyalty and commitment towards one that is expressed through enthusiasm and excitement. tries to get people to think a little bit deeper about every part of their faith
Devotion is narrowing our gaze to see the paramount beauty and worth of something greater.

Let’s start out by asking this, is that definition of devotion happening when you are thinking about pulling out the Bible?

Often times, when we first get started really getting interested in studying the Bible we are hit with feelings of inadequacy and frustration. Here is some encouragement: Bible Study isn’t a performance task. You aren’t judged, from ‘on high’, about how well you are studying and comprehending every single word. It is more like building a solid friendship over time– just with your creator.

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