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These are various thoughts about growing as a person. Realizing certain things in our lives are just junk and fixing them. No shame, unless you do nothing about it.


April 14, 2016 • Thoughts on Personal Growth

Action: Bursting False Confidence

Our minds have those subtle ways of being both daringly idealistic and ignorantly optimistic. This fusion builds a bubble of a fortress that holds for as long as possible before it inevitably bursts. Bursts because of what, you maybe wondering? Action.

Not only must this feeble combination be broken up– of daring idealism and ignorant optimism; but we must battle everything that is inside ourselves that would help it. To do that, let’s first give it a name: maybe ‘Our False Reality’.

What is the False Reality?

Like any proper, feel-good Disney Blockbuster, our False Reality coddles us into a make-believe confidence– or you could think of it as an ego of sorts. I mean, we’ve met these people (although hardly recognize the characteristics within ourselves). Millions of unemployed football coaches yelling at their screens on any given Sunday afternoon, “Why’d you call that? I would have never have ran that option!” Oh, and the back seat drivers; God help us, with just a pinch less of self-restraint Continue Reading

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August 13, 2015 • Thoughts on Personal Growth

Shedding Introvert’s Guilt

I remember days in my young boyhood where I would heroically command a unit of burly men to victory in numerous backyard campaigns. I never lost once. Sometimes I would be the captain of my very own USS Enterprise, or lead the chase in a foot pursuit of a burglar. For a kid who had massive amounts of bravery, in my head, I found myself clinging tightly to pillows on the couch when I was presented with a phone and the accompanying words, “Guess who wants to talk say Hi!?”

There are a thousand situations in life that leave the introvert wanting for an escape route or a timeout card. It doesn’t help either that there are polarizing opinions about introverts’/extroverts’ expectations of what we demand of the other. Introverts constantly play the victim in the hands of an extraverted world that, let’s face it, probably isn’t out to kill us. Continue Reading

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