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September 28, 2018 • The Whereabouts

A Completely Honest Question and How it can Add Perspective to Your Faith

I have really enjoyed the last few months. I am newly married and it seems that we are really in stride at this point. There are some things that could work a little smoother, but everything is actually awesome.

I was thinking about the relationship I have with my wife and I wondered if there were lessons that would transfer to my Devotion to God. Like, little things that I have noticed in general life that I can apply to my spiritual life. We are physical creatures (but not merely physical), so sometimes we learn best by seeing something play out in life before we really know how it works.

For me, this really struck a chord. My walking in faith has been well the last few months but I was looking for a broader perspective. I had a feeling that my scope of who God was and how I should relate to Him had been un-growing. Which is fine, but really I needed to make headway. Recapture some of that awe.

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