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January 4, 2017 • Biblical Thinking

Christian Community; Sanctified Conversation

Christian Community Exists Where Sanctified Conversation Exists

This morning I was reading a seemingly meaningless article about a Men’s community group that meets weekly in a town called Beverly. This article gave the unique picture of a group of men actually getting together and talking about bigger things in life than football. Although, I’m sure football makes its appearances.

The group welcomes diversity, and at this time represents Lutherans, Methodists and former Roman Catholics. Therefore the conversation is never dull or limited, always lively, including personal observations about life’s experiences. Sometimes these are expressed in spirited (no holds barred) “male bantering.”

Meaning is Atypical in Most Relationships

For the most part, when you hear of men getting together to discuss life matters, the big questions, or contemplative theology, it is usually a part of a novel or work of fiction depicting ideal men mulling over heavy thoughts.

Men typically want to be two things: Seen as strong and seen as strong minded. Yet, we see so few of both. Especially in the Evangelical sphere. We have incredibly weak men and that is a shame. Where else can you find a man who has been doing something for 20 years and not know any meaningful thing about it? We have male church members who have next to zero Christian impact, even well after a decade of church involvement.

An integral part of changing this is for men to step up and take responsibility and action for their growth in Christ. And the way to streamline this process (and this actually isn’t optional) is to dig deep into and create Christian Community.

What is amazing about this particular group is threefold:

  1. They’ve been doing this for 10 years
  2. Inclusive to a wide range of denominational affiliations
  3. Open to having new men join; not a clique

And this describes so little of the gatherings we see between men. Let’s change this. Deep community isn’t solely reserved for the banquet tables of Middle Earth, the fox holes of a Band of Brothers scene, or the locker rooms of a cheesey Christian movie. It happens when you step up to create it.

Original Article: Christian Men’s Discussion Group invites new members

2 Responses to " Christian Community; Sanctified Conversation "

  1. Thanks for sharing. Inspiring!

    I’m sitting in a Panera Bread right now where a group of older guys always huddle around a table probably 40% of the time I come here in the morning. They gab all morning.

    But it’s amazing how repetitive the conversations are.

    I can almost predict one of the guy’s contributions to the convo.

    Same things every time.

    Same things every time.

    Same things.

    Every time.

    Wonder how the dynamics would be if they inserted some more meaning into their gatherings as you mention.

    • Kenny! Thanks for sharing with me man.
      I watched a group of men get together and talk about their past, which is probably good to do, but it that is every week reliving the ‘good ole days’ you won’t see iron sharpening iron.
      It was interesting to know that the men who left first were the happier ones who had something to do. The ones that stayed were the ones who showed on their faces some level of discontentment.
      Men were made to be go getters.

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