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A Lesson in Love from a Night Driving

A Lesson in Love from a Night out Driving

My lesson in love comes from experiences in these sorts of situations. I am prone to get angry with people when they don’t pull over to let me by. I try to rush them, sometimes flash my headlights their way. I try to make it very obvious that I am wanting to pass them.

Discussion on Paul Vanderklay's God concept number one and God aspect number two.

What is Your Concept of God?

I think that the phrase that Christianity isn’t a religion but a relationship has reached peak cliche status. To the point that it means almost nothing given the contexts the phrase is used in. There is one fundamental area where it does shine drastic insight. This area is the nature of our relationship with God. …

A Completely Honest Question and How it can Add Perspective to Your Faith

A Completely Honest Question and How it can Add Perspective to Your Faith

I have really enjoyed the last few months. I am newly married and it seems that we are really in stride at this point. There are some things that could work a little smoother, but everything is actually awesome. I was thinking about the relationship I have with my wife and I wondered if there …

How to do A Devotional Bible Study - Group or By yourself

How to do a Devotional Bible Study

The foundations of a maturing Christian faith are not complicated. They just take time and care. Bible Study, Memorization, Church Attendance, Prayer, Service; these are all pillars of our growing faith. But how do we get started when we know so little? The Bible is a huge book. The church is thousands of years old. …

What it means to walk in humility - thoughtful and thought provoking Christianity

What it means to walk in Humility

This is a matter of ethics; how we ourselves treat others. Humility is one of those virtues that scales. It works in a marriage between two people. It works at your job. It works in society. It scales.
Additionally, it is one of the founding principles of the Christian faith. Humility is what gets us out of our heads and into the lives of other people. We can’t adequately love other people if we want to have them known how great we are through their lowly situations.


Why We Really Get a Sabbath

It’s a bold claim to say that you aren’t entitled to your day of rest when so many Americans think they are entitled to their weekends and vacations. It is bold, but it isn’t without reason or distinction. To understand this, we need to understand the historical reasons for the Sabbath and what Jesus has …

Morality vs. Moralism is not just a distinction without a difference.

Do you Know the Difference between Moralism and Morality?

Moralism is more about the compulsion for doing moral things whereas Morality encompasses the hopeful impact of moral actions. A common by-product of our increasingly complex lives, as modern citizens of the world, is that we have available to us hundreds of perspectives and deviations of any sort of thought; in an instant. Suppose you were to …


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