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October 22, 2018 • Christian News

Commenting Beautitudes – Touch of Humor

Well, I thought that this was humorous when I saw it. I am thinking that these are a great contribution to our online etiquette but I wouldn’t quite have the guts to enforce such an idealistic commenting policy.

But, there is honestly a lot we can learn from this. It sort of points out the nasty tendencies that we are prone to exhibit online. Though, I won’t be posting these as my rules of the road, I will leave it here for us to think through.

Make comments unto others as you would have them make comments unto you. 
All ideas sincerely held are welcomed. All ways of expressing them are not.

The Blogging Beatitudes
Blessed are those who comment with humility. They realize that even they may be mistaken.
Blessed are those who state their disagreements in a respectful way. They trust that all are seeking to discover God’s Truth.
Blessed are those who refuse to insult or slander others, even if they have been disrespected themselves. They show us all a better way.
Blessed are those who do not exaggerate others’ statements, but rather seek to clarify in order to deepen the dialogue. They help us all learn.
Blessed are those who participate in this community by holding others accountable and clicking on “report” when offensive content is found.

I enjoy it when I find things that are informative and funny. This hit the ticket for me. Low bar maybe, but ahwell.

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