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May 27, 2017 • Biblical Thinking

Consumed Generation

Last updated on June 20th, 2017 at 07:23 pm

We live in a consumed age. Those from the city busy themselves with nightlife and high-stress careers. Simpler folk from Rural Town, USA gorge themselves with fishing trips and fried foods. Introverts take to their books and movies; hardly ever looking up. Extroverts plan for parties and dinners. Men with sports and ladies with fashion.

Generalities, yes, but the picture is sure. Every ounce of our American culture has taken on various forms of self-indulgent behaviors and habits. We are consumed with our desires and sooner or later wake up realizing the slaves that we’ve become.

Is there a better way?

It’s so easy to see that we’ve become a nation of worldly slaves, first being enticed by the promises of our vices and then ensnared by those very lures.

Jesus, Himself, is a better option. His promise has no heavy burden. It’s free, it’s constant, and it’s near. Yet we are far too occupied, even as Christians with the lures of the world.

I have to get the hours in at work in order to have my vacation and the new truck. I must ditch the commitment at church so I can run the town with some friends. I should really sleep in, this after all is my Sunday!– We get too consumed with our wants, and worst of all they are these primal, immediate wants. The type of wants that we like to believe and say don’t regulate our lives.

It’s the same type of desires that drive us to pornography, to over eating, to slothfulness, to avoiding maturity, and on and on. Get it? There is so much that you and I rather cling to than live a simple yet radical life for Jesus.

Instead of going to the highways and byways, compelling people to come to Jesus’ kingdom, we build our small kingdoms that can crash with one recession, with one injury, with one moment of weakness somewhere in our delicate world.

You are Not Your Own, and that’s Good

How about we live as aliens and sojourners in this land? How about we lose ourselves to find our true calling? Let’s provide for our families and ourselves in a less lavish and more purposeful ways. Let’s love less of the world and more of God and show it in glorious fashion to this present age we find ourselves in.

Jesus is worth it and you will find out soon enough if you don’t believe me.

What are your thoughts?