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May 24, 2016 • Personal Growth

Following that Counts – Followership

Leadership is all a-buzz in our western culture, unlike every before. Case studies, theories, biographies, and what have you are piling up on the shelf of every book rack across the West. Almost as quickly, in fact, they are leaving the shelves and dawning worn pages as they are read in our possession; we can’t get enough of them.

Leadership is a hot topic, and amongst all the hype, followership has been marginalized and even despised. And that leaves us in a sad state of affairs.

Following Well Means You:

  1. Follow leaders and organizations whose passions align with yours.
  2. Follow in such a way, that the best of your character is displayed and continually built.
  3. Follow to make a difference.

Shared Passion

It stands to reason that the number of formal leadership roles is limited. At the same time, there are a lot of choices when considering leaders and organizations to join forces with. Just tons. Though it may be fine to work or volunteer under one of these many, it will never match the excitement and fulfillment of pursuing a true passion under a solid leader.

Almost every job that I’ve had, I’ve tried to bring excitement and passion to the workplace. It’s just how I have decided to operate. With out fail, though, at each one of these jobs there have been people who despise the job, despise the work, despise the vision/directions, and despise the leadership. These people are miserable, and they are taxing.

If you want to truly benefit yourself (and society), use your skills and position as a follower, in a worthwhile manner and put in the hard work somewhere that matters.

As With Any Endeavor, Following Should Bring Out the Best in You

It strikes me odd, that people such as ourselves want to be seen in the best light while putting forth the least amount of effort. It’s like we’re photoshop-ing our pictures and eating a fourth slice of pizza.

Character isn’t something that is solely for the ranks of the leaders and ranking members of a cause. Character is base humanity. And we know this. When a server at your favorite eating establishment does an awesome job, you tip well. You reward them for their effort and excellence. When you lose a wallet or purse, and it’s actually returned in it’s full integrity, we are thoroughly impressed.

Character isn’t reserved for rank or class, but is demanded of every person, no matter their particular circumstance.

Leading is often the trial ground for many who did or didn’t build their character as a follower. So prepare yourself well, and follow with integrity and fervor.

Follow in Such a Way that Everybody Wins

It’s a pity when an organization or cause, tramples it’s followers and boots-on-the-ground workforce after a major victory. Taking all the credit. Sharing no recognition. It’s truly a pity. With the assumption of good leadership, you should always follow in such a way that makes a difference. Working harder than anyone asks, trying to procure the best possible outcomes.

Not everyone can be a leader. And I think that if we all took careful audit of reality, few of us would want the stresses of leadership. But each of us can follow in a particularly effective way for the common good. As important as leaders are, they are useless without followers. And if there are good leaders out there, leading with character and passion, then it might be good that we follow those people well.

How important do you think followership is?

What are your thoughts?