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March 24, 2019 • The Whereabouts

I am a bad writer – So, I must write

Last updated on March 28th, 2019 at 12:59 pm

Kenz and I had the privilege of having some friends from out of state over. We hosted them and really enjoyed spending time in the mountains— doing quite a bit of hiking.

Christopher Morris Enjoying Rocky Mountain National Park
I lost a battle with this picture. It wont face right-side-up. I am bad at writing and pictures obviously 😉

What was so special about this trip is that we had friends to share time and conversation with. I realized, in deeper ways, that I am reluctant to say things to people and to voice my opinions and cares. It has been a slow process for me to open up about my opinions.

Being Timid isn’t so Attractive Anymore

You know the sort of firestorm that can come about when someone in a crowd is wearing a MAGA hat or when a Christian voices that they believe in creationism? The uproar, the laughter, the smugness of inevitable response. That is how I envisioned every conversation where I would stand up and say what I thought.

That mixed with my harmonizing personality meant that I never spoke a hard opinion until I was 24 or so.

When our friends were over, they so graciously asked hard questions of me. My wife, also, has been so good to me in this way. She has pressed and pressed to know what I really feel and think. She knows the value that it will bring to our relationship.

Welp, that is what I am doing with this blog. In some ways, it has been the way that I have been able to say things when I didn’t know how to voice them (here’s my first blog on this site).

I’m a bad writer, but I will get better

I know I am a bad writer. I look at some of the things I write and cringe because what I am reading is not what was in my head when I wrote it. I start to get really worried that sometime in the future people will read some of these posts and really hold it against me.

Thanks for helping me

But I know this, I can’t get better without delving in. So, thank you so much for those who visit off and on to check in on things.

Thank you, really. Its cool that I can write and people see it. I challenge you to comment on the things that I write so that I can get better at it. Challenge the way I word things, ask for clarification, and help me see reality more robustly.

I don’t take it lightly that some people read this blog, so, know this. I am getting better at this because its important, its helpful, and I need it.

I am a bad writer but I am going to get better at it.

2 Responses to " I am a bad writer – So, I must write "

  1. Great piece. Loved your writing. I’ve written a number of books and blog quite a bit. I’ve read some of my stuff in horror.
    Keep writing “bad stuff”!
    Steve Sjogren – Servant Evangelism

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