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January 19, 2017 • Biblical Thinking

50 Questions on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood – eBook Resource

I stumbled across this refreshingly nuanced explanation and defense of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. In a day and age where the Bible is taken less and less seriously (most notably among Christians!) it is of utmost importance that we think deeply and dialogue well with people and culture. God  has always spoke to His people but we don’t listen all that well or often.

50 Crucial Questions is a short read going over many of the questions that come up when talking about this subject. It is both thorough and concise. Something that I’ve grown to enjoy about Piper and Grudem.

The issue we face in this book is how men and women should relate to each other according to the Bible. We are concerned especially with how they relate in the home and in the church. The position we take affirms the complementary differences between men and women and spells out the implications of those differences for the way men and women relate to each other in the most fulfilling way.

We defend what Larry Crabb calls “enjoying the difference,” namely, that “the sexes are distinct in what they were fundamen- tally designed to give and in what brings them the greatest joy in relationship. . . . At the deepest level, a man serves a woman differently than a woman serves a man.”

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January 18, 2017 • Biblical Thinking

Pray for Faith. It will be Answered

Asking for more faith is a prayer that’s not outrageous. It’s been answered before.

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January 17, 2017 • Biblical Thinking

‘Oh My God’ It’s just a word

Imagine you’re one of the teenagers running around the church at the tail end of a potluck. Your mom is picking up the last of your families contribution to the holy banquet and your dad is talking shop to some of the guys on the worship team. You look back over and your mom needs some help carrying the casserole to the car. You roll your eyes. Only a few more minutes to hang out with friends and now you have to clean up after the grown ups, great.

You take what you can, but you missed something. “Honey, can you grab the umbrella we brought in this morning too?” mom says in the distance. You keep walking; pretending not to hear. She speaks a little louder. You turn around, “Oh my God mom, give me a second.”

Suddenly, your moment of teen rebellion hits a high note. You’re getting stares from the old church ladies. They roll their own eyes and mumble something about using The Lord’s name in vain. Really? Is that really a big deal?

Big God – Small View

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January 15, 2017 • Thoughts on Personal Growth

The Weight of a Promise

Don’t treat the promises of people like the promises of God. They will disappoint. God will never.

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January 14, 2017 • Thoughts on Personal Growth

Beatitudes for Preachers

The Preacher’s Beatitudes was Originally Published by ‘The Ministry for World Evangelism‘ March 1954 Volume XXVII; Number 3 **Not a recommended publication in almost all situations. I, however, enjoyed reading about the beatitudes for preachers.

  1. Blessed is the preacher who knows how to preach.
  2. Blessed is the preacher who shortens his introductions.
  3. Blessed is the preacher who modulates his voice and seldom shouts.
  4. Blessed is the preacher who knows how and when to stop.
  5. Blessed is the preacher who preaches at himself.
  6. Blessed is the preacher who preaches on great themes.
  7. Blessed is the preacher whose sermons are articulated and progressive.
  8. Blessed is the preacher whose sermons are a unity, with a definite aim and every word cut out.
  9. Blessed is the preacher who sometimes allows the congregation to sing an entire song unexpurgated. (Why not get the time by cutting the sermon?)
  10. Blessed is the preacher who rarely uses the pronoun “I” (I shall read our passage).
  11. Blessed is the preacher who knows that the object is the end and the subject only the means to the end of the sermon.
  12. Blessed is the preacher who knows how much of the sermon he is responsible for, and how much he may and must leave to the Holy Spirit.
  13. Blessed is the preacher who is called of God, and called to preach.
  14. Blessed is the preacher who, having fully surrendered his life to God, is inspired of the Holy Spirit and anointed with power to reach souls for God and to educate them once they are saved.

Old yet Timely

How refreshing to get to read a short piece from a time so different than our own. These words were written in 1954 and yet they reach applicable to us today. The Preacher’s Beatitudes. Wise sayings, beatitudes for preachers. May we as pastors/preachers know just what we ought to do. What is the next thing you are going to work on from here?

The source is from –

**Note that this publication is from a Seventh Day Adventist Publication and University. I would not encourage you to study from this site, however, I found this particular piece useful for pastors. Again, I do not recommend their teaching for personal use or devotion.

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January 12, 2017 • Biblical Thinking

Sharing Your Faith: Where to start?

It’s a rare thing to ask someone in church if they would like to be better able to talk about their faith, and then hear them say, “No, I don’t.” The majority of church goers would at least humor the question asker and say that they would actually be really relieved if they knew a bit more on the subject. I think most of you really do want to know how to share your faith, it just comes down to the fact that you don’t reel prepared. Therefore, this resource is for you!

Where to Start?

The question often arises, “but where do I start?” A lot of churches are able to offer classes on such matters but are poorly attended. Many smaller churches aren’t even resourced enough to be able to offer them. Real Life is at that size where we would love to offer classes about such things, but it would be a big thing to ask one of our already volunteers to head one up. Not to mention it’s hard to get 10 people to all be able to commit to a single time during the week. Soon enough, but it’s tough!

I’m an avid googler and internet crawler, whatever that means, and I’ve come across an old gem that may just help. It’s a book that Billy Graham and his team produced back in the 1980’s. Old, sure. Useful, probably. Continue Reading

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I Don’t Read: The Excuse that Wont Die

How many times have we felt shamed by our insufficiencies about our reading ability? Many of us know full well how bad we are at reading. We know our own struggles with wading through thousands of words, just trying to find the intended meaning of a certain book. We’re left dizzy after not only seeing sentences that are hard enough, but when we have a hundred pages more to go.

Do our struggles with reading in general apply with our reading of the Bible? Is there a difference between reading Dickens and reading Paul? Hate me if you want, but I don’t think Continue Reading

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