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Christopher Morris' Personal Values and links to some expounding of them.
Here are my values. What are yours? Have you given it much thought?

Everyone likes to think that they have dreams and goals. An aim that takes them far off into uncharted and curious locations in some idyllic future. And I believe in having those goals, yet, it is hardly worth it if you reach the ends you wish to reach and have not gotten there a whole person.

Values are personal/moral/principled bumpers that keep you on the right path, in the right way.
– Christopher Morris

Our Bible gives great instances of clarity to this thought. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul? – Matthew 16:26. In this, there is a (1) great truth and an (2) applicable principle.

(1) Why toil so much and gain so much, but lose out on the most important; your soul? That’s the big idea. And the principle is boiled down nicely to every area of life: (2) There are some things, which should be greatly sought after, but are not worth it when the cost is quantified.

This is where values come in, to protect and serve you. To give you a rigid character, and a filter by which you can address any new situation.

My Personal Values

Here are some values which I esteem in my life. I’m not perfect nor should I be the person one looks up to in these areas. But, I think it would be wise for people to look over them and see if they resonate in your life. These are in no particular order.

  1. Love – Be moved, by, and for God
  2. Holiness – Uphold every virtue before God and man
  3. Humility – Realistic about self, not after recognition, willingly generous.
  4. Balance – Priority, Proportion, and Simplicity
  5. Competence – In what you do, be great
  6. Contentment – Needs-based not wants-based
  7. Continuity – If there is anything that you do that is good, pass it on to others so that they can run the torch further

What do Core Values Afford?

Values are a part of the measure of a person. Fools often judge the quality of their life and accomplishments by how fast they live, the money they have, how flashy every moment is, or how much experience can be had.

The virtuous man is able to, at the end of his life, straighten his back and rest comfortably knowing that he caused little harm. That he was trustworthy. That he lived a life in such a way that people had a respect that is often not seen.

These invisible qualities are lasting and worth remembering.

How to Pick Personal Values (Core Values) of your own?

It is very important to take some time with this. It can be done in longer sessions at one time or over the course of a longer period of time. The point is to make sure this list is consistent with how you expect yourself to act over the long haul. There are something we wish we could implement but aren’t actually vital to how we want to operate on a day-to-day basis.

Try answering these questions on a piece of paper. Go until your hand starts to hurt.

  1. What’s important to you in life? How should those be pursued?
  2. What sorts of social situations make you feel uncomfortable? What is happening and how does it make you feel?
  3. If you could snap your fingers and change one thing about your character, what would it be?
  4. What is your greatest accomplishment and why are you proud of sharing that with people?
  5. When are you at your happiest?

How to Implement your Core Values Everyday

  • Try to print out, write down, and get your values in front of you anywhere you can
  • Make sure to read them every day.
  • Think about your day and what lies ahead. If there are situations you know will happen or engagements you know you will be a part of, think about how your values affect how you do those things
  • Write down in a journal what you think each value means and every now and again write down how you are fulfilling those values in your life
  • Create calendar reminders on your phone with your values for a sporadic reminder
  • Whenever you feel weak in a situation because you did not take action on a value of yours, think about it that night and try to figure out the real reason you didn’t follow through. Don’t beat yourself up but process all the information you have

List of Personal Values and Explanations

I think this is a really helpful thing for people to look into. Narrowing in on the things that make them click and that they naturally respect. When there is a value that your respect, it is much more likely that you will try to live it out. A deep need for each of us is to be able to respect ourselves, which isn’t an easy task.

  • Accomplishment – Knowing that worthwhile goals are being met
  • Adaptability – Ability to change with the times, situation, or needed skill set
  • Altruism – Putting others first in realistic and thoughtful ways
  • Assertiveness – Knowing when you interject yourself and make change
  • Attentive – Paying close attention, being careful to notice those small but important things
  • Awareness – Knowing the general situation in a way that provides insight into how people will react or knowing the needs within a community
  • Balance – Knowing that things have to be done in proportion and finding a way to live that meets all your needs
  • Boldness – Acting in ways that may put off people at first, but knowing that you are doing the right thing in taking the first step
  • Bravery – Standing up in the face of adversity
  • Candor – Being open and honest; frank
  • Capable – Knowing what needs to get done and being sure you are able to learn and do the tasks ahead
  • Charity – Knowing that so much of the world is after its own good you focus on the good of others
  • Communication – Effectively seek to connect ideas with people in a way that maximizes both
  • Community – Cultivating habits, spaces, and reasons for wholesome human connection
  • Compassion – Being driven to aid others in fundamental parts of the human experience
  • Competence – Mastery of a task or set of skills for excellence in a domain
  • Consciousness – Consistent hard work over time that yeilds massive benefit
  • Consistency – Being one who is predictable in the areas of life that provides a foundation to you and others
  • Contentment – Understanding the blessing of now no matter what circumstances abound
  • Conviction – Having a deep seated understanding of the moral/ethical kind that leads to righteous action
  • Cooperation – Being one who values and builds team work and the combination of multiple skills, personalities, and resources.
  • Courage – The ability to see what you should happen and having the faith to see that it does
  • Creativity – Committed to pushing abstract boundaries that give new meaning to things in life and even creating new ones
  • Credibility – Being the type of person how can be taken at their word and trusted
  • Curiosity – Being of the mind that there is always more to know
  • Decisiveness – Having the frame of mind that decisions need to be made and that some of the best ones are intuitive, in the moment, and at the oportune time; now
  • Dependability – Being one that is stable enough to take care of others in trying times
  • Determination – The ability to stick at a task or idea until you pull through
  • Development – Having the reference point that there is always improvement to be made; we are works in process and can add more value to our own lives and others
  • Devotion – Having a loving committment to another
  • Dignity – Seeing the value that each person has and acting on it
  • Discipline – Knowing that certain weaknesses in life can be bulstered through exacting habits and then cultivating those habits for your benefit and for those around you
  • Efficiency – Tinkering with the tasks in your life to find the best use of time, energy, and thought
  • Empathy – Being able to look at people for wha they are feeling versus just what you are feeling or are wanting from them
  • Empower – Seeking to improve people’s lives through a sense of inspiration and awe
  • Endurance – Being practiced and sustainable for long bouts of important tasks
  • Enthusiasm – The attitude that you carry with you through every situation that helps you see the best and want the most from each
  • Ethical – Principled choice in action based off of an ought for that situation
  • Excellence – Seeking to provide the gold standard for what ever you are doing; if anything is worth doing, it is worth doing right
  • Experience – Being one to take risks and get yourself out there so that you have a breadth of situational knowledge to work with and communicate with others that will be helpful in future situations.
  • Expressive – Valuing every flavor of thought and enjoyment and being able to communicate that through word, dance, music, work-ethic, and any other sort of output
  • Fairness – Not one to pick favorites but pick according to each person’s intrinsic value
  • Family – Loving, nurturing, and maintaining a family so that each member grows into who they should most be
  • Fidelity – Having a strong commitment to very particular things in your life
  • Focus – Knowing that there are areas that are more important to you than others and staying on track with those
  • Friendship – Making people and time with a priority in your life
  • Generosity – See your excess as an opportunity to give to others with needs
  • Giving – Joyfully wanting to help others in big and small ways
  • Grace – Being able to see when people do wrong but always providing a way for reconciliation through love that yields a greater change in the other person
  • Gratitude – Knowing what you have is a gift and being thankful continuously
  • Growth – The mindset to always strive for being a better you
  • Harmony – Seeking the best blend of whoever is present
  • Health – Valuing your physical body in a such a way that promotes vitality in every area of life
  • Honesty – Speaking the truth or at least not telling lies
  • Humility – Understanding where you are and the outside forces that helped you get there
  • Independent – Being able to do things on your own as to not suck the resources of others needlessly
  • Integrity – Having a conviction in truth that is unwavering
  • Intensity – Being able to perform at the highest level you can in fitting situations
  • Intuitive – The ability to quickly make connections and inferences that others typically can’t with the same information from the situation
  • Justice – Having a strong sense of right and wrong and that crooked paths should be made straight
  • Lawful – Abiding by an established rubric for authority and not taking matters into your own hands
  • Leadership – Being able to be one worth emulating and one that builds up people through the pursuit of a mission
  • Learning – The need to increase your understanding of the world and specific disciplines
  • Love – Seeing people in a light other than what they are good for or what they can do
  • Loyalty – Knowing which people and groups to stick with
  • Mastery – Perfecting a skill or competency- to be at the top of a craft
  • Maturity – Responding to situations in the proportion of what happens to you; not overreacting
  • Openness – Looking forward to new experiences in life
  • Optimism – Having the perspective that the best can always happen
  • Originality – A form of creativity that wants to be first to market in particular areas
  • Responsibility – The taking on of tasks through pain and difficulty that create personal meaning
  • Selfless – Putting others first
  • Service – Being willing to give to others in the form of work and time
  • Simplicity – Aiming to use the minimum of anything to get a job done
  • Stability – Being foundational for others and yourself
  • Stewardship – The realization that the means you possess isn’t yours in some true senses and thus using those means very well, typically to benefit the ones who actually own the means
  • Support – Willingness to provide help for people in the areas they are needing
  • Sustainability – What I would call continuity; being able to carry on certain things through time in a way that isn’t self-defeating
  • Thoughtful – Not taking lightly assumptions and areas of knowledge
  • Transparency – Willingness to show true self to others and even self
  • Trustworthy – Being one who is dependable with the truth
  • Understanding – Being able to empathetically relate to other people’s situations and feelings
  • Unity – Hoping for and trying to create connection at the deepest levels of people
  • Vitality – Trying to maintain or increase the healthfulness of mind, budy, spirit

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