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January 12, 2017 • Biblical Thinking

Sharing Your Faith: Where to start?

It’s a rare thing to ask someone in church if they would like to be better able to talk about their faith, and then hear them say, “No, I don’t.” The majority of church goers would at least humor the question asker and say that they would actually be really relieved if they knew a bit more on the subject. I think most of you really do want to know how to share your faith, it just comes down to the fact that you don’t reel prepared. Therefore, this resource is for you!

Where to Start?

The question often arises, “but where do I start?” A lot of churches are able to offer classes on such matters but are poorly attended. Many smaller churches aren’t even resourced enough to be able to offer them. Real Life is at that size where we would love to offer classes about such things, but it would be a big thing to ask one of our already volunteers to head one up. Not to mention it’s hard to get 10 people to all be able to commit to a single time during the week. Soon enough, but it’s tough!

I’m an avid googler and internet crawler, whatever that means, and I’ve come across an old gem that may just help. It’s a book that Billy Graham and his team produced back in the 1980’s. Old, sure. Useful, probably.

A Handbook for the Layman – Share Your Faith

Billy Graham was phenomenal because he took a Christianity, which is possible to study for years in a doctorate program, and he explained it to the level of a 10 year old. We know all these people with degrees and thesis statements on the atonement or penal substitution, and yes that’s awesome, but there is a whole segment of the population who would bore or change the channel before the first point was explained.

This is for the Layman, the person who works with their hands for a living. The person who didn’t go to a Christian school or learn Greek in a New Testament class. Chances are, this is written right at a level that you could more than understand. So, if you are willing, this is just the resource for you!

What’s in the Handbook?

  1. Steps to Peace with God,” presents the Gospel in a clear and simple way.
  2. The “Resource Chapters” which comprise the majority of this Handbook address the many special concerns people may express during a personal conversation.
  3. Seven Common Questions” is an in-depth discussion of some com- monly raised objections to Christianity.
  4. A Comparison of Christianity with Major Religions and Cults” provides a quick reference for talking with people of those faiths.

Specifics include questions about abort, victims of abuse, anxiety, assurance of salvation, basics of the Bible, and literally hundreds of other pages of material. This is all designed as a resource to people who want to know the common hang ups people have when deciding about a life with Christ.

1980’s Really?

So yes, I know probably as well as anyone the huge shifts in human thinking over the last 30 years. However, if you read this handbook, you’ll truly be surprised with how relevant it is in our modernity. It’s comprehensive and it’s written from practitioners who have had hundreds of these conversations. The goal isn’t to manipulate people into assuming our Christian view of life. Rather it’s to present the Christian worldview in such a way that Jesus is made obvious to them. We speak truth and lead them to Jesus. Outside of that, we wait for the harvest.

For those interested, here’s the .pdf file I found online. This would be excellent to put on an eReader of some sort or even read on a computer. Though it may be cumbersome on a mobile device you can try. If you have the paper and the printer, it may be worth printing all 290+ pages. But that’s up to you. This handbook sells for pennies if you buy used on amazon. I’m not quite sure if this online resource is legal- it was copyrighted in 1984; but I found this from a decent website that I sort of trust. So I’m assuming that it is legal to share via this method. If your conscience bothers you, definitely buy it. It’s cheap and it’s good.

Christian Worker's Handbook - A handbook by Billy Graham for Christians who care to talk to people about their faith and Jesus.

Christian Worker’s Handbook – A handbook by Billy Graham for Christians who care to talk to people about their faith and Jesus. Share Your Faith

This book is a topical guide with biblical answers to the urgent concerns of our day. It is a valuable resource for any Christian interested in sharpening his or her skills in using the Bible to share Christ with a needy world. – Amazon Description

2 Responses to " Sharing Your Faith: Where to start? "

  1. […] I’ve seen hundreds of people throughout my lifetime who have only done as much as sit on their hands and never tell anyone about their Life Change; their God. It’s the strangest thing. The mindset is that the Pastors, the Evangelists, the Big Timers, they talk to people and witness, but this is the furthest thing from the truth. In fact, if it were up to only the Spiritual Leaders, the church would be very small and not at all helpful. Christianity has historically flourished when it has had active members in it’s churches. It has flourished when regular Joes do the hard work of Evangelism. […]

  2. […] I would say, make sure you are sharing the Gospel with people. Then I would say, get someone who looks different then you to help. Do the good work […]

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