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The Uncommon Means of a Life Well-Lived

The Uncommon Means of a Life Well-Lived | Part 1

How We Get Things Done vs. How God Gets Things Done

There seems to be many patterns of thought or thinking that we hold on to that we don’t even know exist until someone calls them to our attention. Have you ever heard the idea of God’s Kingdom being the Upside-Down Kingdom?

The Value of Continuity - Why Making a life by making a difference is important and including other people is more important

The Value of Continuity

I have to start by saying that I chose an odd way of phrasing this value of mine. There are conversations in philosophy, psychology, and even patient care, that all use this word with their own meanings and etymology. When I am speaking of this value, I am trying to showcase the fact that some …

Paul Vanderklay, Jordan Peterson, and C.S. Lewis are my honorable mentions for 2018 and those who taught me the most throughout the year.

Who I Learned From in 2018

2018 has wrapped up and it was a very good year. I got married, which is the greatest triumph for the year. Aside from that part of my life, intellectually, I also had a very good year. It was probably the year that so many beliefs and concepts came alive and really transformed from mere …


Broadcasting Yourself is Destroying Your Self Progress

I have noticed something over the last couple years that I have never been able to quite put into words myself. Something that I have even done myself and seen with close friends. It can be a heavy subject because I see these small hints that are really clues to things much bigger in our …

A Lesson in Love from a Night Driving

A Lesson in Love from a Night out Driving

My lesson in love comes from experiences in these sorts of situations. I am prone to get angry with people when they don’t pull over to let me by. I try to rush them, sometimes flash my headlights their way. I try to make it very obvious that I am wanting to pass them.

Discussion on Paul Vanderklay's God concept number one and God aspect number two.

What is Your Concept of God?

I think that the phrase that Christianity isn’t a religion but a relationship has reached peak cliche status. To the point that it means almost nothing given the contexts the phrase is used in. There is one fundamental area where it does shine drastic insight. This area is the nature of our relationship with God. …

A Completely Honest Question and How it can Add Perspective to Your Faith

A Completely Honest Question and How it can Add Perspective to Your Faith

I have really enjoyed the last few months. I am newly married and it seems that we are really in stride at this point. There are some things that could work a little smoother, but everything is actually awesome. I was thinking about the relationship I have with my wife and I wondered if there …


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